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Ancient Rock Salt SMC Pvt Ltd is our family-owned business, which operates as a 4th generation Himalayan spice business in Pakistan

Ancient Rock Salt was established to address the scarcity of authentic, unrefined mineral salts in the market. We envisioned to revolutionize the mineral salt and spices industry standards by offering healthier and more natural options for manufacturers and processors. With no outside investors, Ancient Rock Salt pioneered the industry of specialized, mineral-rich salt varieties.

Ancient Rock Salt SMC Pvt Ltd. is activated and registered in Texas, United States. Whereas operational entities are activated in Pakistan.

Ancient Rock Salt SMC Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading import, export, and processing groups in Pakistan. For more than 4 decades, we have been serving the food, feed, and nutritional industry with quality ingredients, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. We specialize in Organic Gourmet Salt, Mineral Salt, Organic Sesame Seed, Organic Shillajit, and Organic Dried Fruits

Research & Development

Ancient Rock salt R & D department focuses on continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction and to manufacture and deliver excellent quality mineral salt and spices.

Quality Management

Quality Assurance & Quality Control is the backbone of Ancient Rock Salt. Quality change for continuous product improvement is one of our goals. Our mineral salts goes through proper quality checks before final delivery!


Ancient Rock Salt believes in authenticity. That's why we promise to deliver authentic products. Informing the world about where the mineral salt is found and the truth about the industry.

 Ancient Rock Salt SMC Pvt Ltd is the best Pakistani mineral salt and gourmet spices manufacturing company that focuses on the quality and authenticity of gourmet salt products! We do not mimic our competition, we focus on building from the ground up and this allows us to retain our unique approach towards the industry.

Why Ancient Rock Salt?

  • We are ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, BRC, GMP, Compliance Certified.
  • We follow strict principles of food safety and hygiene.
  • Our R&D department focuses on continuous improvement and stays updated with changing technology
  • No chemicals or artificial flavors are used in our mineral salt production 
  • We deliver the same authentic products to a customer in need of one bag of gourmet salt compared to bulk buyers. 
Pink Himalayan Salts


Our team of 250+ trained professionals works tirelessly to ensure the finest quality products throughout the process from mining to manufacturing and supply while remaining in compliance with international standards.

Syeda Faiza Batool, Digital Marketing Project Manager, Digital Marketing Project Expert, Ancient Rock Salt

Faiza Batool

Digital Marketing Project Manager 

“Our dedication to delivering the finest mineral salt is a reflection of our commitment to our valued customers. We put in the utmost effort to ensure you receive only the best.”

Hashim Raza _ Ancient rock Salt owner, director

Hashim Raza

Founder and Executive Director 

“Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Safety, integrity, and superior quality are the cornerstones of our mission.”

Bakhtyar Habib, Operating Partner

Bakhtiar Habib

Operating Partner

“At Ancient Rock Salt, quality is at the forefront of our vision. The health and nutritional benefits of every single customer is what drives our decision-making process”


+1 (917) 434 - 2436, +92 320 188 0000


16813 Excaliber Way, Sandy Spring, MD 20860, US


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